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Last month I was on Twitter. I tweet as @cleverhands, because I try to tweet for the stationery business I run with my sister. I must say I’m a total twitter failure. I don’t feel as though I can pop onto and off of Twitter – if I go on it’s an hours long event because once I’m on, I can’t manage to log off – what if I miss something interesting or a chance to connect with someone I follow?! Perhaps I’m too anxious and too high strung to tweet, but I keep trying. Anyhow, when I was on Twitter last I saw a tweet about amazing GF popovers with the hashtag of #gfreerally. I followed the link to see these amazing popovers and was wowed by the gorgeous results of a fellow GF baker’s hard work. I also discovered the Gluten Free Ratio Rally. The rally was started a year ago by Shauna James Ahern. It’s a group of GF cooks/baker-bloggers who have decided to create GF recipes based on the basic cooking and baking ratios in Michael Ruhlman’s book, “Ratio”. A chance to do some recipe development alongside some awesome GF bloggers with a hint of competition? I wanted in, immediately. After all, I’m convinced high strung people invented baking. And anyway, there’s no way one person has all of the time and resources necessary to uncover the secrets of truly fantastic GF food. The rally is genius and I’m excited to be part of it, even if I am a year late.

This month’s rally is hosted by T.R. of No One Likes Crumbley Cookies and the food is Crepes. Here’s a link to T.R.’s post: Brownie Crepes with Strawberry Wine sauce. You can find links to other rally contributors at the bottom of this post. Ruhlman’s ratio for crepes is 1:2:2 flour:liquid:egg. I followed this exactly. Sorry for those of you who don’t use a kitchen scale, my measurements are all in grams! Rather than writing off this recipe though, you should get a kitchen scale – true precision is quite satisfying. So here we go: my rally recipe for crepes…







Buckwheat Crepes

93 g. eggs*

46 g. Buckwheat Flour Mix (see below)

93 g. Milk

*Sooo when I made these I started with my eggs, because I figured I’d start with the weight of one or two whole eggs and then base the rest of the ingredients on that weight, per the ratio. This method just seemed simpler to me rather than beating an egg and trying to get twice of whatever arbitrary amount of flour I might have chosen to start with.

Just whisk the flour, egg and milk together and let the batter sit. Mine sat for about 30 – 45 minutes. The Ruhlman book suggests that as the batter sits, the flour absorbs the liquid. Before cooking with the batter I whisked it again as the flour had settled a bit in the bottom of my bowl. Now, I don’t have any fancy crepe tools and was glad the internet had lots of information on how to make crepes without anything fancy. I used a small (8-inch) stainless steel fry pan. Sprayed some oil in the pan and cooked over medium heat. I used a 1/3 cup measure to pour some batter in my pan once the pan was heated. Crepes cook fast, so you need to be ready to flip them. I made such a scene in our kitchen when I flipped my first crepe perfectly! It was much easier than I thought. I found out as I went along that if I didn’t have enough oil on the pan I had trouble and if I tried to flip the crepe before it was ready they gave me trouble and seemed sort of suctioned to the pan. Once you get the hang of it though it is tons of fun! Once both sides are cooked you can fill them with most anything.

We made a peanut butter + honey crepe, a cream cheese + sundried tomato + pesto crepe, a chocolate chip + powdered sugar crepe, a chocolate chip + peanut butter + mashed banana crepe, a smashed blueberry + powered sugar crepe and our favorite was the smashed blueberry + homemade lemon curd crepe. (If you read my blog, then you know that I {heart} Ina Garten – see her lemon curd recipe here.) Not only did my husband and kids get a kick out of my celebration over properly flipping a crepe, but they also enjoyed helping me think of what to put in them – and they were fabulous taste testers as well.

Buckwheat Flour Mix

(Based on all purpose flour from glutenfreegirl.com)

100 g. Buckwheat Flour

75 g. Sorghum Flour

25 g. Potato Flour

125 g. Sweet Rice Flour

75 g. Potato Starch

50 g. Tapioca Starch

50 g. Cornstarch

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